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Mediabet specializes in the online promotion of betting companies. We differ from other agencies not only because of our knowledge but also because of understanding our target audience — sports fans. After all, we ourselves at Mediabet are sports fans, and one of our goals is to make sport even more exciting!

Mediabet Principles

Sport and passion go hand in hand. The Mediabet team believes in healthy sports excitement and works to support it in other people.

Of the things that we at Mediabet love about sports is the positive emotions like joy, excitement and exhilaration that we get from it.

We want the sports betting culture to develop but to also ensure that the interaction between the betting companies and their customers be as fair and transparent as possible.

Therefore, we have formulated several rules from which we do not deviate.

Following the Laws
We work only in countries where the work of bookmakers and gambling establishments is permitted by law. We also only work with companies that are fully regulated by law.
Playing For Fun
Any game should be fun. We know how to enjoy them ourselves and we also know how to convey valuable information about safe, fun gaming to others
Transparent Information
We are engaged in promotion, and we are doing it honestly. That is concerning both our target audience and to our business partners. Information, we believe, should be free and transparent.
Responsible Gambling
We are aware of the responsibility to promote safe and responsible gambling. It is through such disciplined gaming practices that fun and pleasure can be taken.

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